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March 24th

March the 24th, Friday

Session 5       Chairs: R. Privat and M. Minas de Piedade

8:30 Organic compound solid state investigation: case studies (M. E. Eusebio)
9:10 Attempts to grow β-BaB2O4 (β-BBO) crystal fibers by the micro-pulling down technique. Characterization by Raman micro-spectroscopy (M. Ferriol)
9:30 Solubility of borosilicate phase separated glasses under acid condition (F. Lizzi)
9:50 Thermodynamic properties and Pitzer’s parameters determination for phosphoric acid from experimental data (Z. Bakher)
10:10-11:30 Poster session and Coffee Break (Posters [Boards are 75x120cm] will be shown in all sessions. List of posters can be found here)

Session 6       Chairs: G. Coquerel and C. Goutaudier

11:30 Probing the initial stages of crystallization using experimental and theoretical methods (C.E.S. Bernardes)
11:50 Fluid-phase equilibria prediction of freon-containing systems with a predictive equation of state (J. -N. Jaubert)
12:10 Vapor Liquid Equilibria of alcoholic binary mixtures (A. Cristino)
12:30 Benefits of the Modulated DSC in the study of complex phase transitions (C. Gracia-Fernandez)
12:50 On the stability of the higher manganese silicides (HMS) (M. -C. Record)
13:10 Closing


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