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March 23rd

March the 23rd, Thursday

8:00 Registration Opening

Session 1       Chairs: I. B. Rietveld and M. E. Eusebio

8:30 Opening: G. Coquerel
8:40 Thermodynamic phase transitions between equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium states (M. A. Ramos)
9:20 Kinetics of Polymorphic Phase Transitions: Problems and Pitfalls Illustrated Through the 4’-Hydroxyacetophenone System (M. Minas de Piedade)
9:40 Reinvestigation of 1-fluoro-adamantane phase transitions (L. Yuan)
10:00 -11:30 Poster Session and Coffee Break (Posters [Boards are 75x120cm] will be shown in all sessions. List of posters can be found here)

Session 2       Chairs: R. Céolin and A. Cristino

11:30 Hidden enantiotropy in the pressure-temperature phase diagram of metacetamol  (I. Rietveld)
11:50 Phase’s equilibrium in spin-crossover crystals: example of an unusual structural transition (E. Tailleur)
12:10 The thermodynamic properties of propane in the critical region (A. Abbaci)
12:30 Particularities of the hysteretic behavior in Shape Memory Alloys (V. Torra)
12:50 - 14:10 Lunch

Session 3       Chairs: M. Ferriol and M. -C. Record

14:15 Using a project-based learning approach to teach the difficult concept of phase-equilibrium calculation (R. Privat)
14:35 Detection of a metatectic invariant in the system 1,3-dimethylurea/water and crystal structure determination of DMU monohydrate.(M Schindler)
14:55 The behavior of the thermodynamic properties of the Aluminum-transition metal elements (R. Tamim)
15:15 A thermodynamic assessment of the gallium-lithium phase diagram (H. Azza)
15:35-17:00 Poster session and coffee break (Posters [Boards are 75x120cm] will be shown in all sessions. List of posters can be found here)

Session 4       Chairs: C. E. S. Bernardes and J. -J. Counioux

17:00 Understanding the electron-hole migration in anatase/TiO2-II/ brookite three-phase junction photocatalyst (D. Bedghiou)
17:20 Effect of interlayer Mo or W on texture, sequence and mechanism of Ni silicide formation (A. Derafa)
17:40 Clay/Acrylamide composites – New materials for pollutants retention (A. Mansri)
18:25 End of session
20:30 Gala dinner


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